LA VOIE DU CIEL °° / « La dualité objective, c’est la fusion de deux visions. » Claudemay – Les CONTRE deviendront les POUR, et les POUR seront toujours contre les CONTRE.

This page is under the responsibility of – its director of publication – and the products we focus on or we promote are not linked to this page – Assuming that responsibility for health rests either with individuals or with society, it follows that society should also help to promote natural health and prevent disease.

Prevent for Earth / B.

« We must absolutely prevent the Earth from reaching the critical point where it is no longer being able to receive sufficient energy to power the magnetosphere, causing this to collapse, leaving the entire planet exposed to radiation without any possibility of reducing its strength, which will lead to widespread cancer, extinction of most of plant world and much more.
No electrical equipment would work anymore for many years, as it works on the concept of double polarity, the negative phase (the Earth) and the positive phase (the Sun). With the fall of the magnetosphere, the solar energy would hit the Earth with sufficient power to have only one phase (the positive phase), therefore no double polarity. It is very similar to what happens, but for a short time, when a solar flare hits the Earth and causes a blackout over large territories. Imagine that this lasts for years and years.«



Reverse / Restore for A.

«  You may note that these thrombosis injuries are technically outside the BBB because they occur in a blood vessel. However, any clot in a blood vessel anywhere in the brain has the effect of what is called a watershed infarct. This is what happens in a stroke or in a smaller injury, a transcient ischemic attack.

What this means is that the blood vessel that is blocked by a clot has smaller blood vessels emanating from it in a wedge or pie shape. « NOW » since the clot became stuck there, all of the tissues in that pie – wedge – the watershed – have been deprived of the OXYGEN and the nutrients that moving blood would normally bring through those now occluded vessels.
As a result, some tissue Inside the blood brain-barrier becomes so damaged that any of the following –memory-cognition-speech-vision-other senses – mobility and other voluntary muscle control and/or other abilities – can be and are injured.. However, injuries of brain tissue that is protected by the blood-brain barrier are also évident following the COVID vaccination even without detected thrombosis »

Frequencies impacts on the human cells too°°

 » Vous pouvez noter que ces lésions de thrombose sont techniquement en dehors de la BHE parce qu’elles se produisent dans un vaisseau sanguin. Cependant, tout caillot dans un vaisseau sanguin n’importe où dans le cerveau a l’effet de ce que l’on appelle un infarctus du bassin versant. C’est ce qui se produit lors d’un accident vasculaire cérébral ou d’une lésion moins importante, un accident ischémique transcientel.
Cela signifie que le vaisseau sanguin bloqué par un caillot est traversé par des vaisseaux sanguins plus petits, en forme de coin ou de tarte. « Depuis que le caillot est resté bloqué à cet endroit, tous les tissus de ce quartier – le bassin versant – ont été privés de l’oxygène et des nutriments que le sang en mouvement aurait normalement apportés à travers ces vaisseaux maintenant occlus.
En conséquence, certains tissus situés à l’intérieur de la barrière hémato-encéphalique sont tellement endommagés que les fonctions suivantes – mémoire-cognition-parole-vision-autres sens – mobilité et autre contrôle musculaire volontaire et/ou autres capacités – peuvent être et sont lésées.
Cependant, des lésions du tissu cérébral protégé par la barrière hémato-encéphalique sont également évidentes après la vaccination COVID, même en l’absence de thrombose détectée.

Les fréquences ont également un impact sur les cellules humaines°°.

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How kids will do without their parents
Le reste c’est la « MANDOLINE »


Metadichol®, a Novel Nano Lipid Formulation that Inhibits SARS-COV-2 and a Multitude of Pathological Viruses in vitro / help the body do heal by itself :

Proof Denied: Scientists Forced to Retract C19 Causes Cancer : – إِنَّــا لِــلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّــا إِلَيْـــــهِ رَاجِـــــــعُونَ‎    –   Nous appartenons à Dieu et à Lui nous retournerons – Мы принадлежим Богу и к Нему мы вернемся /

« About 10,000 people + / day » ^^

^ This means the deaths observed so far are only a fraction of the deaths yet to come. ^

Importantly, we know that post-vaccine deaths are distributed over time. While a few people die in the first 48 hours, many deaths are taking place many months or even a year or two after the vaccine injections. Importantly, it appears that these clots take many months or even a year or two to grow to sufficient size to fully block blood vessels and arteries. »
 Personne n’est parfait – c’est pourquoi les crayons ont des gommes.

From : Dr. Robert Malone: Children will remain in masks unless parents simply refuse to comply
Carbon dioxide rises beyond acceptable safety levels in children under nose and mouth covering: Results of an experimental measurement study in healthy children

« 91 percent of covid Deaths since the beginning of 2022 Are Triple Vaxxed » ^^ SILENT DEADLY PROCESS ^^

« And they don’t want the public to see the proof that these bioweapon shots are inducing new cancerous growths and the return of previous cancers as more aggressive tumors. »

« Politically correct Translation » ^^ « And the health agency is now able to state: « SARS-CoV-2 infection may be associated with the persistence or appearance of long-lasting symptoms after « infection »^ in a number of people. »

« Further is nuclear war »: Canada Europe ^

Obstruction à la justice : la FDA refuse de fournir au Congrès des données sur la sécurité du « vaccin » contre la COVID, comme demandé // Obstruction of justice: FDA refusing to provide COVID "vaccine" safety data to Congress as requested

Not accurately represent the true number of

DD – Dédié aux activités de connaissance du risque / Dedicated to risk awareness activities – Thanks for taking that « risk » ^

« It doesn’t matter how many vaccines a person takes — whether its two, three, ten or one hundred — the government will always require another dose. It’s a system of enslavement, immune depletion and death.. – This public humiliation tactic has been used repeatedly to shame people into compliance… – It’s time for populations to unite in their newfound “unvaccinated” status and demand an end to all mandates and medical fraud. For there to be full restoration of medical ethics, there must be trials for all criminal misconduct, medical fraud, and mass murder.« 

“In other words, if you keep vaccinating with these vaccines, you can never ever stop this pandemic. This pandemic can go on for 100 years, it will never end.

August 22 – Proof Denied: Scientists Forced to Retract C19 Causes Cancer

Media wars « clearly, human rights in X country are no longer really the priority on the agenda. »

« The VAERS system is designed to send safety warnings on vaccines, but its reports are unverified and “cannot be interpreted as evidence of a causal association between a vaccine and an adverse event »

Haïti – reminder
GEOENGINEERED HURRICANE IDALIA: Here’s why the superstorm was deliberately intensified and aimed right at Taylor County, Florida. Inflation and paying taxes for what ? :

« Celui qui contrôle la peur des gens devient le maître de leurs âmes. … Il y a deux manières de combattre : l’une avec les lois ; l’autre avec la force. »

Human right & Palestine // Covid-19: Israel’s very political vaccine success

Green is Hope

DIRECTIVE / DIRECTION =  » L’avenir du monde dépend d’une compréhension COMMUNE à toute l’espèce humaine de ce qu’est véritablement un être humain » = NO PASS ANYMORE / LET US HAVE THE CHOICE in Natural Alternative Solutions.
= « Europe is currently experiencing a x wave of Covid-19, which is largely explained by the immune escape of new variants, that is, a strong ability to resist the ‘protections » induced by vaccination and previous infections. » / One of the contraindications of reflexology: « in case of thrombosis, presence of a blood clot in the veins, acute phlebitis or inflammation of the leg veins » / « Une des contre-indication de la réflexologie : « en cas de thrombose, de présence d’un caillot de sang dans les veines, de phlébite aiguë ou d’inflammation des veines de la jambe » ^/
« The wheel turns because it is free, so the spirit // la roue tourne parce qu’elle est libre, ainsi l’esprit »
« Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic  » …

« Frenchelon » refers to the Anglo-Saxon program known as Echelon, combined with « French »

Its existence has not been officially recognized by the French authorities, although many French and Anglo-Saxon journalists, relying on military sources, have been talking about it since the European authorities became interested in Echelon, or in the context of the fight against terrorism.
The methods are astonishingly sadistic  »

Sharing informations « EXCLUSIVE: Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures » – « The persistent genetic interference of the human body with toxic spike proteins is causing heart inflammation, blood clots and emergency heart problems. The persistent oxygen deprivation and cardiovascular strain from masks also plays a role. Living in fear and in an oppressive state, where government and pharmaceutical companies dictate associations and human rights, has also negatively impacted cardiovascular health. These issues can no longer be ignored. » /°°/ « These new results — to be officially released next week — were derived from ICP-MS analysis (mass spec) in our ISO-accredited laboratory.It’s clear from the elemental composition that the clots are not made of blood. Thus, they are not « blood clots. » For example, in our human blood sample, magnesium (Mg) was at 35 ppm, while in the clot, magnesium was only 1.7 ppm.
Surprisingly, the clot was found to be higher in certain elements that are electrically conductive. For example, tin (Sn) was found to be nearly six times higher in the clot compared to human blood. (943 ppb vs. 162 ppb). Tin is commonly used in solder to connect circuits on circuit boards. » – « Mainstream media continues to ignore the reason behind mass flight cancellations: COVID jab policies – The media refuses to recognize that COVID policies have led to a dearth of commercial airline pilots, be it for injuries brought on by the jabs or rules barring them from flying if they refused the shot. »

« La valeur du contenant est déterminée par son contenu » / «  »The value of the container is determined by its content » ^

« La valeur du contenant est déterminée par son contenu » / «  »The value of the container is determined by its content » ^
Using rhetoric reminiscent of Soviet leaders during the Cold War, Vladimir Putin also denounced Western « totalitarian liberalism » and said the offensive in Ukraine marked the beginning of a transition from a world marked by « American globalized egocentrism to a truly multipolar world. » « In most countries, people do not want such a life or such a future, » he added. « They are tired of kneeling and humiliating themselves before those who think they are exceptional.

WAR ON BIOLABORATORIES – Freewill – Evolution – Consciousness

Looking for Raguel ^ – Raguel ‘ makes sure that those who go against God’s will will be judged properly so that justice is done. Raguel is also known as the archangel of justice because his role is to make sure that justice is done. ‘

Human right & Palestine // Covid-19: Israel’s very political vaccine success

Human right & Palestine // Covid-19: Israel’s very political vaccine success

Without creativity, life a mistake : The Archangels are indeed very much about Creation and Expression, and if you call upon Gabriel, open yourself to new possibilities that may reveal themselves in your life. Need to meditate with Jérémiel // In Hebrew, the word « refa » means « to heal ». Archangel Raphael not only helps heal individuals, but also helps healers in their healing practice.
About a natural gate^^
War on us with our Taxes^ = Biolaboratories = self-assembling nano-bots

09/11 same – « What is being asserted as true… is a fantasy. » // Ce qui est affirmé comme vrai… est un fantasme.

self-assembling nano-bots = nanobots auto-assemblés

Just a few months ago – just a reminder –

Au moins 65 tortues et 14 dauphins, entre autres animaux marins, ont été retrouvés morts sur la côte pacifique du Guatemala, ont annoncé le 23 juin 2022 – =
Mort suspecte de dauphins et tortues au large du Guatemala.
Barium / 5G………………………………………….. / Nocives EMF.

… « and would destroy all of the allies of each side, and would severely contaminate even neutral countries, and end globally in a nuclear winter, which would possibly end all life as it has existed on this planet. » :


nanobots auto-assemblés = self-assembling nano-bots = Ça c’est une CELLULE DE CRISE **

I want you leave ^ and let us all be free.
Crypto cloud ^^= « people who took mRNA vaccines are walking time bombs of cancer, since the presence of the spike protein achieves around a 90 percent suppression of double strand break (DSB) chromosomal repair capability, meaning that any source of ionizing radiation could set off widespread cancer tumor growth. » – 血栓形成是指血管、静脉或动脉被血凝块阻塞。其后果可能很严重:肺栓塞、梗塞(心脏病发作)或中风。还有一个深静脉血栓的威胁。有哪些风险因素?- A thrombosis is the obstruction of a blood vessel, a vein or an artery, by a blood clot. The consequences can be serious: pulmonary embolism, infarction (heart attack) or stroke. There is also a threat of deep vein thrombosis. What are the risk factors? – التخثر هو انسداد الأوعية الدموية أو الوريد أو الشريان بسبب جلطة دموية. يمكن أن تكون العواقب وخيمة للغاية: انسداد رئوي أو احتشاء (نوبة قلبية) أو سكتة دماغية. هناك أيضًا خطر الإصابة بتجلط الأوردة العميقة. ما هي عوامل الخطر؟ – Tromboz, bir kan damarının, bir toplardamarın veya bir atardamarın bir kan pıhtısı tarafından tıkanmasıdır. Sonuçları ciddi olabilir: pulmoner emboli, enfarktüs (kalp krizi) veya inme. Ayrıca derin ven trombozu tehdidi de vardır. Risk faktörleri nelerdir? – Trombos är att ett blodkärl, en ven eller en artär, täpps till av en blodpropp. Konsekvenserna kan vara allvarliga: lungemboli, infarkt (hjärtinfarkt) eller stroke. Det finns också en risk för djup ventrombos. Vilka är riskfaktorerna? -Тромбоз – это закупорка кровеносного сосуда, вены или артерии, сгустком крови. Последствия могут быть серьезными: легочная эмболия, инфаркт (сердечный приступ) или инсульт. Существует также угроза тромбоза глубоких вен. Каковы факторы риска? in case they broke the others links/ Just Beli8ve – Time – Urgent
Mix with digital & physical content – Any help can only be useful
Love this : L’ADN peut être reprogrammé par des mots et des fréquences / DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies
Paying taxes to kill ourselves^/ :
Transition écologique ^^/ 5G ^^ – Com
Reverse / « And it is emerging in our « post-punch » world. There is simply no such thing as coincidence.
Embrace this piece of « natural magic » for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones. And if you’ve been « stung, » it’s more than likely that your survival depends on it. »
Repeat Random Shuffle : « Less than 5 years depending on their health condition° « 
L. Montagnier : « Less than 5 years in the best case depending on their health condition°  » // Sharing / Repost : “The bottom line is this: the ‘death window’ for the vaccine isn’t days or weeks; it’s at least a year and possibly more,” Kirsch said. (Related: COVID “vaccines” also cause AIDS)
“So just because you got your vaccine and are still alive 3 months later, it does not mean that you’re out of the woods.”
Kirsch asked his readers to report any cases they know of in which a person died from the jab(s) more than a year after getting needled. The following are some of their stories.
One person wrote that he knows of at least four men, all in their 40s and 50s, who suddenly dropped dead at some point after getting injected. Another wrote that her 41-year-old son was previously in good health but suddenly dropped dead from cardiac arrest after getting jabbed.
“He had two Pfizer shots in the past year,” the mother further wrote. “The coroner report indicated his heart was seriously enlarged.”
Another woman named Margaret wrote that her fully vaccinated friend, who was 43, died on April 15, 2022. The friend was found dead in her bed, and the autopsy report said it was caused by a heart attack. »
NO MORE PASS – TEXTE A ABROGER / « Le changement n’est pas nécessaire à la vie, il est la vie » A. Toffler /. °°
Après avoir retiré le pass.. this is why stop eject.
The flash when we passing through / reset / restart / slavery – Just think about : même joueur joue encore – incarnation // same player still playing – incarnation

Being manipulated is when you are not aware of being manipulated / STOP EJECT / ITS all part of their plan / time to Raise ur vibration, Reverse and Disconnect.
Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results
AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS – Another great news which is not a surprise :  » ^^ he believes people injected with mRNA « vaccines » (which aren’t really vaccines) were actually installed with nanotechnology carrying chimeric virus payloads that may include elements of Marburg virus. According to Callender, a broadcast from 5G cell towers at 18 MHz, for a specific duration and sequence, will cause affected cells to rupture, unleashing Marburg payload bioweapons into the blood of those who took the mRNA injections.
This, in turn, would instantly unleash a Marburg pandemic and produce a sudden rush of symptoms including bleeding out (hemorrhagic fever isn’t pretty), cardiovascular deaths, seizures and more. ^^
« L’homme n’est pas aujourd’hui plus mauvais qu’hier, mais il est plus, plus que manipulé » ML
« Un système englué, à désengluer tout simplement ^^ » / STOP EJECT
OR ABOUT TO RETURN^^ United Bast0s – Sinon c’est bien dommage que ça s’arrête comme ça.
Comprehension / Evolution / Gate
Voir, Avertir, Constater
Soit nous (humains) Soit eux : Une image vaut mille maux^
Il va falloir se mettre d’accord ^^/ STOP EJECT
La Nature est un somptueux théâtre où chaque jour est un spectacle ». M. Moreau
« Aucun homme n’a reçu de la nature le droit de commander aux autres. » Denis Diderot La patience engendre l’unité