Le peuple doit se défendre et non se sacrifier – Survival – Reduce as possible Nocive Radiations and Radio-activity

It is still a matter of finding viable solutions, not an escalation towards another world war

We know you want to push us at war but kidz don’t ^
Please French imposed president, could you please verify what you had say « If we choose to be weak today, in the face of someone who has crossed all boundaries, we do not choose peace, we choose defeat » following this below :

« – Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as « pandemies (which is to be honnest created by Bioweapon Labs P4 Lab etc etc Ukraine Labs etc etc and spreaded with imposed nocives medical tyranny) » and nuclear war.

– “The bottom line is this: the ‘death window’ for the vaccine isn’t days or weeks; it’s at least a year and possibly more,”

– Gravity, CERN, and interdimensional beings.

– Solar eclipses, dark matter, and conspiracy theories.

– Venom-based medicine and its potential dangers.

– Demoniac entities and interdimensional portals.

– Cosmic powers and potential threats to humanity.

– Decentralized messaging platform and emergency preparedness. «